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I highly recommend Dr Morrill for orthodontia!   He is the orthodontist that dentists send their children to.  I was surprised to see my dentist waiting for her children when I went for my appointment!
His fee is also very competitive and he accepts monthly payments.  His fee was so much lower than other orthodontist I had visited that it was a very pleasant surprise, especially considering his experience.

– Jean Q, Palo Alto

*    *   *

Dr. Morrill and his staff are amazing! They are all very professional, compassionate, and kind, something that is often lacking in the dental profession today. He is a magician and his work is beautiful. My results are MUCH better than I expected. I high recommend Dr. Larry Morrill for orthodontic work!

– Risa R, Ojai

*  *  *

I highly, HIGHLY recommend Dr. Morrill! I receive many compliments on my smile and for that I can thank Dr. Morrill’s meticulous work. He’s not satisfied until your teeth are exactly perfect (famous words of Dr. Morrill: “Another few weeks and we’ll have it all wrapped up…”) You can tell he loves his work. My mother and brother are also happy past clients of Dr. Morrill.
Going to the orthodontist is never fun, but his office makes it as painless as possible. His staff is organized. You never feel rushed. Dr. Morrill takes notes and refers to them before your appointments – you can tell he’s really on the ball. He always gives your teeth his full attention. He and his staff are always so nice, friendly and sincere.
He’s very experienced – he’s been in practice for many years and one day a week he works at of Stanford as a consultant. Expert status! Also, he truly cares about the quality of his work and about the well being of his patients. My treatment plan was completed about 15 years ago, but recently I went back to his office to have a new retainer made. They still remembered me, asked about my mother and brother, had my file in the office, charged me nothing for the appointment and a small amount for the new retainer. I highly recommend!

– AC, San Jose, CA

*    *    *

Dr. Morrill is the BEST! I was born with perfectly straight teeth. When I turned forty my bottom teeth started to overlap. I visited several different Doctors. Some wanted to charge me as much as five thousand to seven thousand dollars to have full braces put on and the treatment would last several years. Then I met my savor Dr. Morrill. His bed side manner is wonderful. He is kind and conservative. He said that he could fix the problem with retainers that I would have to wear full time for only six months then after that I would only wear them at night. The total charge for a life time of treatment cost me only eight hundred dollars. My teeth are perfect again and I still see Dr. Morrill every six months or so for follow up visits. Going to see him is like visiting an old friend. My daughter is now being treated by Dr. Morrill and she couldn’t be any happier then I am. He is wonderful! I would recommend him to anyone. And an extra bonus is that all of his staff are just as great as he is.

- Sheila M. Redwood City, CA

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