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Palo Alto Orthodontist Dr. Morrill can help snoring too

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Everyone knows that you should go to an orthodontist if you need your teeth straightened, but did you know that they can help prevent snoring too? Larry Morrill offers an appliance that is unlike any other device out there. Sure you could buy nose strips, or spray, but Dr. Morrill can provide a customized appliance called SomnoDent that repositions the lower jaw...

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The Smile Doctor is Palo Alto Orthodontist

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Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. ~ Mother Teresa An orthodontist is the official title of Dr. Larry Morrill, but a more appropriate one might just be the “smile doctor.” When he first graduated from Dental School at the University of Southern California (USC),  he  knew he wanted to work with teeth, but there had to...

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